Need HSF advice for Athlon 1700+

I am building three identical computers for my dad's new law office. The processors will be xp 1700+s and I need to know what good and quiet HSF I can get off newegg.

Is your system stable enough you'd run your own life support on it? ---mine is. Soyo KT333 + AXP 1900+
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  1. Well..if you are not overclocking, then use the stock HSF is
  2. Ah yes, but what if he bought them OEM?

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  3. Just about any hybrid (copper bottom, aluminum fins) cooler with a thermal resistence of less than 0.6 will do your job.

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  4. I think the real question is not what heat sink & fan will do good, but what you're willing to spend on one.

    Another important factor is are you talking about a Thoroughbred 1700+ (49.4W heat) or about a Palomino 1700+ (64.0W heat)?

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  5. As long as you have enough room above the Socket, I would highly recommend the Thermaltake Volcano 9 (about £10 online) which has an 80mm variable speed fan that is very quiet for office use in its lowest rpm rate and it has the required copper insert that XP chips specify. I recently built an XP 2200+ system with it and it runs that chip @ 55 degrees under full benchmarking load in 3D Mark 2001 SE with the lowest fan speed.

    I would strongly recommend a Geforce4 MX as you will not need gaming performance and most of these cards do not have a fan on the heatsink and are therefore quiet for the office. You might also consider Enermax PSUs which can be run in silent mode.

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  6. TBred XP1700+ does not generate much heat as Palomino. I have Thermaltake Volcano 5 in my Asus A7N266-VM. My system is 34C idle to 43C at max.

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