Sony trv410e error codes c31.42 and c32.11 This happened after the camera was i

these codes appeared after I stupidly left the camera in a hot car all day . is it beyond repair due to flowing oil?chimicals within the transport ?
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  1. Probably not beyond repair, but the cost would very likely make it not worth it
  2. Thanks , but what do the codes mean and can I repair with moderate skills and tools and an ear bud ?
  3. Refer to page 122 of the manual - - for instructions on those error codes.
    According to the manual for the TRV460 and after looking at the 410E manual they appear to be the same instructions for Steps 1 and 2:
    C31:XX and C32:XX
    1. Remove and insert the cassette, then operate your camcorder again. Do not perform this procedure if moisture starts to condensate.
    2. Remove the power source. Reconnect it again and operate your camcorder again.
    3. Change the tape.
    4. Press the RESET button and operate your camcorder again.
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