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Hi, I just recently bought a computer and now I am kicking myself and wondering if I should have spent the extra $200 dollars or so on another computer. I guess my question is whether or not the one I bought was worth it...I'm not a huge gamer, I only play WoW and surf the web so nothin too stressful, but I am worried if the computers graphics card and whatnot will last for a good 5 years or so and if it can be upgraded easily at some point, if need be? I know 0 about computers so any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

My computer:

The computer "I should have bought"?:
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  1. Hey Friend,

    I understand you don't know much about computers so I'll spare the technobabble. Comparing the two computers, the ASUS does have some more advantages in terms of performance. Either computer will be upgradeable for the foreseeable future. In terms of being robust, the HP will probably last longer as the internal hardware tends to be of a higher caliper.

    If you wind up returning the product and want to purchase either a better HP product or something different PM and I'll hook you up. It's what I do ;)

    Good Luck
  2. I agree with Paul, in my opinion the 2 machines are very similar in performance with smaller perks being in the favor of asus but nothing to really make a dramatic difference I see the majority of the $$ difference being the "brand name" pricing differences where intel is typically the slightly higher priced components this is my opinion ofc but all in all both are about equal in performance and upgrade potential
  3. There are very few computers that will not last 5 years, but all of those computers will feel slow with the current games and some applications then. There are people that use almost 10 yr old computers now to just check email and do documents.
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