IMac 2012 refresh?

Just wondering if anyone had any predictions on how long it would take Apple to implement the new Ivy Bridge in an iMac refresh after it becomes available in April? I'm not even sure if the AMD 7m series is out yet. I ask because my current iMac bit the dust and I'm trying to hold out for the new line if it will be out in May or June. If I have to wait until July or September I think I may just need to pick up one of the current models.
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  1. Last I heard it wont be until 3rd Quarter of this year. But knowing apple that can change at any given time.
  2. Are you talking about a total redesign? or just a slight spec increase?
  3. I have being longing to get the latest Apple iMac, but it seems expensive for me. Not that i don't have the budget but each time i think of getting one for myself, i new project will just came up and i will not be able to embark on my original plan. I hope to over come that kind of situation in the future.
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