Grub loading error:no sush partion in dell computer

my dell computer write GRUB LOADING, then error: no such partition, so how can i solve
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  1. What distro and version of Linux are you running?

    You also might check out as they are an EXTREMELY active Linux forums, not just Ubuntu, though that is the primary focus. Many topics, including Grub, apply to multiple distrosl. :)
  2. DevITIS, I wouldn't be so sure that he's actually running Ubuntu or any Linux distro for that matter-- typically people who use Linux are a bit more articulate and knowledgeable.

    OP, you should un-plug any flash drives or external drives before booting your computer as your computer may attempt to boot from them on some occasions. If that doesn't work then you should put in a Windows 7 install/recovery disk and run startup repair to automatically try and fix any issues you may be having.
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