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I just built my first computer from parts, which went amazingly well until I noticed my CPU (Retail Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73 GHz) was being recognized as an Athlon XP 1500+. The motherboard is an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, which according to ASUS should support this CPU w/o a BIOS update.

Do I have a crippled CPU? Or have I missed a jumper somewhere?

Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot!
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  1. Make sure the FSB is running at 133MHz and not 100. Check and see if there is a jumper to change this, if not, do it in the Bios (I don't have an A7N8X so that's all I can tell you).
  2. there is a jumper on the board. one position is for 100mhz fsb the other is for 133/166mhz fsb. it comes set to 100 as default. just flick that jumper over and you will be good to go

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  3. Ok guys, thanks for the help! I'm up to speed now!

    I checked the mobo FSB jumper and it was set to 333/266 already, so the problem ended up being the FSB setting in the BIOS was 100 MHz and I just needed to bump it up.

    Stuff you read about all the time and end up feeling stupid for not recognizing earlier! ;)

    Thanks again, folks.
  4. And you wouldnt believe how often this particular problem comes up for first time AMD users :smile:

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  5. Definitely shows up for Intel users as well. :P
    Me a proud AMD user though. ;)
  6. Hardly ever for P4 users... the P4 has FSB detect pins to automatically set the right FSB speed.

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  7. Plus most P4 owners bought a complete OEM-configured system from Dell, Gateway, HP, etc. ad nausium and thus don't even have to worry about it because someone else already set it up correctly for them.

    (Which is a good thing since they wouldn't even know what a FSB was if it bit them on the arse.)

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  8. LOL, I wonder if any Intel fans will bite at the bait.

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  9. This is the problem I'm thinking. It seems that this problem is happening on Asus A7N8X. And I feel strange that since nForce2 mobo is mostly for at least 266FSB CPU. (IMHO, putting a Duron or Thunderbird on nForce2 is a waste of resource), why Asus set the default FSB value at 100MHz? I believe they are trying to 'protect' the CPU if someone really pop a 100MHz CPU onto the mobo. And I believe this is well stated in the manual, so I figure out that most people having trouble didn't read the manual carefully. So they are making AMD CPU looks like a "problematic" CPU which always run underclocked.

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