Hello all,
I wanna buy a new lcd monitor and i found the samsung 2494LW in discount.

The thing is that i found articles & reviews about 2494sw/hm models (hm=sw+hdmi) but i cannot find almost anything about 2494LW except some specs mostly in german sites that look identical with 2494sw.

So does anyone know the difference between those models?
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  1. I have 2494LW, as far as I know they are almost the same monitors with 2494SW, even the PDF manual is same (for SW/LW), citing the differences only at the end where are the specifications - they are in the real size of the matrix - 2494LW is 23.6" and 2494SW is 24.0" (thus SW havie a slightly bigger pixels). Also, they have a slightly different frame around the matirx, because of the fact these monitors do use almost same hardware and box, but the matrices are different sizes.

    I am very satisfied of my 2494LW! I use it with Acer AL2216Wsd in the dual monitor setup!
  2. this was helpful. thanks guys.
    this thing def has HDMI, right?

    EDIT: Hmm.. i guess not. if the LW is the same as the 2494SW, then, no HDMI. Its wierd I cant find any info on the 2494LW. Probably why its so cheap.

    EDIT: Ok, so I found the manual, it looks like it does have HDMI. Hmm.. to buy or not to buy.
    2494LW Manual link -
  3. you found that coupon too ?
  4. No, 2494LW doesn't have a HDMI, only VGA and DVI. But you can buy DVI-HDMI cable for less than a 10$.
  5. yeah dude, you're not gonna miss anything other than the overlayed audio, but since it has no speakers, i doubt' you're gonna be able to tell the difference.
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