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Battery Compatibility issues in Windows XP on Gateway

Hello Tom's,

So, as referenced through my posts, I am in the process of making an old Gateway Solo 9100 a Linux unit to give it a second wind.

Obviously the battery has been dead for quite some time. I went ahead and purchased a new one that is, well, supposed to be compatible with the Gateway.

Just got it a few days ago, and I'm getting a red LED light on the battery side. Referring to the manual on this machine, there are three colors. Green is fully charged, yellow is charging, and red indicates a malfunction.

I've tried everything to correct this, i.e., let it discharge all the way, recharge it, adjust the settings in Windows XP (I currently have Windows XP on it for now until I figure out Linux), etc. What I do notice is that, in the Power Management settings, there is no battery information whatsoever. I have another XP machine to reference from, and it displays the battery information (make, charge level, etc.).

Gateway has a "battery learning program" but it runs off of a bootable floppy, to which a.) my floppy drive is out of commission for now, and b.) I don't know how to get a boot DOS prompt when XP is installed. I know Win98 you can do it pretty easy, but not to sure on XP.

So the manufacturer says that there is some circuitry in the battery that controls all of these. How true is that, and is there any thing else I can try?

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    If this is a 3rd party battery, issues like this are pretty much to be expected. If it's a Gateway, send it back to get a new one. Even if it's a cheap ebay battery from China, where you got it should accept exchanges.
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  3. Cool thanks hang - it was a 3rd party from China. I sent it back. My old battery, even though it's dead, will show a green light, so I guess the internal circuits are correct on it even though its depleted, but the 3rd party one's were screwy.
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