Lots of AMD's go for Intel!

I noticed that a lot of ppl are thinking about leaving the AMD camp for Intel.I was thinking the same thing while making totals for my next upgrade...and i was a bit surprised to find out that an Intel platform is not going to be a dream at all!If you get and 2600+ & Asus on Nvidia chipset...is not going to be cheap.So why AMD?Performance?Intel is not bad at all...:)
Looking at some previous posts(Athlon vs P4;AMD prices UP!!! )i noticed that 90% are moving or thinking about moving to Intel.Now I have a tough choice to make since price is no longer on AMD's side...
AMD's, please give me a reason NOT to switch!
So please help me over and vote here:
AMD or Intel?

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  1. I've noticed that it's the same 3 people patting each other on the back.

    Seriously, the CPU's are pretty much the same. Worry about the chipset/motherboard and the memory.

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  2. Unless you are a Fanboy, then you just buy any CPU/mobo/RAM/graphic/sound which best suit your budget, requirement, usage and be proud of your own choice. Don't even bother who is switching side. Does this matter a lot to you? It's you who are going to pay for the system. Study on those component you are going to buy first (and I do mean study, not asking around on forum without knowing what you are asking), don't bother with brand-bias opinion.

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  3. But i still think AMD is cheaper.You see ,at the P4 celern,you can use Athon Xp,and DDR400.Although there are some bug with VIA's chips. And i think VIA will do better than before.
    2 or 3 months earlier,I will choose Intel without thinking,but now I am also having head.....
    Intel or AMD ,that is problem. @_@!
  4. 2 to 3 months earlier, you´d choose Intel without thinking? Not that much has changed!

    I´ve already said this once in this forum, and I´ll say it again: I´m somewhat suspicious of AMD right now, and if I were to buy a new system, I´d definitely go with Intel. And enter Canterwood, I can´t see how AMD will defend itself...

    That said, I do agree that you should first look at chipset/memory/cpu combo as a whole and avoid brand-bias. But I can´t really help it but to look at Intel more favourably now than AMD... I still keep my mind open, though. :smile:
  5. I am going to build a cheaper sytem with AMD. Preferably XP 2000+ around this June.
    I like Intel and I have a couple of old and new Intel CPU based systems as well, nevertheless I prefer competition so I will always get a few AMD as well. I recommend AMD to my friends too.

    We have to remember how expensive and buggy during the days of Intel domination (they still dominate but in a lesser degree today). I rather we show some love to AMD, at least to promote some kind of competition if you can afford.

    Just like I use Linux more often except for gaming of course.

    A fine day!
  6. I agree AMD systems are not as good buys as they used to be. The exception is on dual CPU systems. My next system will be a dual Athlon MP2600, there is simply no comparison in price between Athlon MPs and Xeons. Yes, Xeons are more powerful, but MPs aren't so far behind in performance, while they are a lot less expensive.

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  7. Xeons are indeed more powerful. Also, the chipsets for dual MPs are no good at all... The 2.4G, 533Mhz Xeon is quite powerful and has a good price tag these days... The MPs from AMD aren´t as attractive right now as they used to be, in my opinion. They´re still respectable, of course, and it´s your choice to make. :smile:

    Just a note: I just remembered this bit: a single 3.06Ghz Pentium 4 (non-Xeon) with HT renders in 3dsmax (which is THE application for dual-processing) as fast as a dual MP 2000+. So that makes the dual-3.06Ghz-Xeon as fast as a two dualie-2000+MPs combined in rendering!... So much for dual MPs...
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