HP C6380: eating ink

Recently my dad bought a HP All-in-one C6380 for about 160 euros.

He bought one of the more expensive ones to make sure it was good.

So far so good: it now replaces our 8-year old printer.
It looks good and it is extremely (!!) handy to setup wireless, with or without mac's.

No problems here: but lately I had to print some stuff for my exams and I'm either having problems with the ink, or with the speed.

Speed: it starts up slowly!! in the time the printer has started up, I can startup my macbook twice!
So when I want to print just 2 pages, lots of time lost...
Also after a document is ordered to be printed, (before printing) and after printing out it's making those weird noises for a very long time (not able to do anything else meanwhile).
So for the matter of speed, there is a little or no improvement in compared to our cheap 8-year old printer! :non:

Ink: now, when it finally starts printing, it's speed is ok for me, but I see the ink levels going down like crazy!!
The ink has 5 different cartridges: Photo black, Black, Magenta, Cyane and Yellow.
We first bought those standart cartridges (1 of each) and now also have the XL versions of each (20 EUROS EACH!) = 100 euro for all 5 :S

We bought the printer about a month ago and we have rarely printed anything in colour or photo's.
Yet, all cartridges are replaced by the XL ones, and also some XL ones are empty again!
That's alot of money going to ink... a bit too much in my opinion
Also I note that the Photo black ink has been replaced once, (20 euro for XL one) while I didn't print any photos, same as the colours: Some have been replaced twice (costed: 30 euros/colour) and I didn't print any bit amount of coloured documents...

Whats going on here? Should I just change to another printer before I spill 100's of Euro's in ink for this one?

Thanks for any advice :D
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  1. I'm afraid that inkjet printers are too often a sort of pension plan for the companies that make them -- why they do their best to stop you using unbranded refills.

    I woud buy a cheap laser for document printing -- the purchase cost is likely less than the annual bill for used-up and dried-out ink refills.

    I have an ancient secondhand laser that I use occasionally so I've never had to buy a refill for it -- it works perfectly every time.
  2. At this rate, I will have payed the price of the printer in refills within 2 months O.o

    So yea, I'll have to convince my dad to ditch this one...

    It was a bad choice, we should have done some research before buying this one :)

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