GPU upgrade

im wondering if i can play nba 2k10 with my pc:

ASUS P5QPL-AM - motherboard
2gb RAM
palit 9500gt ddr2 1gb
320gb HDD
DVD rom

and im planning to upgrade my gpu around the cost of 160USD..

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  1. Yes, your system will run that game fine.
  2. probably you will be able to run it fine, for that price range if you're upgrading your gpu, I would suggest the 5770/5750
  3. so 5770/5750 is a good card for my e7500 without tweaking or overclocking them? tnx.
  4. Both cards would be an upgrade to what you have. Here's the hierarchy chart.,2521-8.html?xtmc=hierarchy_chart&xtcr=1

    Though, for that game, the upgrade isn't needed.
  5. any upgrade is good anytime, even if you won't use it now, if you can get it,get it, but you don't need to.
  6. aford10, dmcfc thank you, i installed the game and playing it at 800X600 60hz, 50fps medium settings.
  7. At that resolution, you may even be able to play on high settings.

    You're welcome.
  8. you're welcome, true if you are getting 50fps on medium try with high settings, you won't see any difference after 35fps, so just try with high settings
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