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Hi all, please help me...

I have a Sony vio laptop win xp and when I turn it on, it will boot up normally to the desktop. However, icons on the desktop do not show up - none of them. Only the cursor works and will move. And, when I try to press any key on the keypad, nothing happens. Then, when I press the power key (not holding long), it goes into hibernate.

When I turn it on again and press F8, it says: "system restart has been paused" and gives me two options: 1)continue with system restart
2)delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu

Both of the options lead me to the same problem I described above.

Your suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you..
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  1. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Esc has no effect as well?
  2. Nope no effect. I figure i will have to do a recovery thru partition on hard drive (f10) while powering up. Or I would have had to order disc from sony. I get no response to anything else. Redownloading updates wont be that bad. Atleast im backed up on external...
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