Will formatting my SD card delete my photos ?

I have a Canon Power Shot SD 750 digital camera. I have not used it in several months until recently. Well I was checking out all the different functions and playing around with and screwed up. I have pictures in the past few months and last month that I would like to recover and can't, Since I pressed the Format function . It reformated to what i have know idea. I didn't even know what the format was before. All I know was I have tried different free online programs which looked promising when loading the pictures on my PC but came up flat. It did load older pics but I'm interested in the past 6 months to recover. Is there any way I can recover those pictures after a stupid mistake I did. Mostly my son's wedding shower pictures. Help Me Please!!!!
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  1. I was so worried, I found these same answers over and over again but, what I did was I kept plugging my whole canonEOS100D in instead of just putting the SD card so finally now I am waiting for it to recover, with crossed fingers thanks for the help!!!!:)
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