Duracom wireless home security system step by step installing instructions

I am looking for info on a home security system made by duracom this system has motion detection, two keychain remotes, key pad, siren, and another white box with a orange lock symbol on it. what i need to know does it have to be connected to a telepone jack to work? this system has a retail value of 499.95 i cannot seem to find this companys website this is were it took me to when typing it in, i am thinking that this is an off brand that is actually made by a regular alarm company possibly one of there knock offs. if you can help me finding out more info on this system it would be great. this is a publishers clearing house voucher giveaway. warranty info is duracom wireless security system warranty information p.o. box 560821, dallas tx. 75356-0821 this is also probly handled by a third party also.
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  1. Questions on this particular brand have been asked with the same post title (which is quite misleading). You need to contact the manufacturer. If you can't find any contact for the manufacturer, or installer, that is a massive red flag to me. I used to work for a company that did custom alarm installations, and I've never heard of the brand. It's truly up to you if you want to trust your home to a brand that has zero support. Who are you going to call when something goes wrong?
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