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Iv'e purchased an LG HT304SU 5.1 DVD surround Sound system. However i can only get the sub woofer and 2 speakers working. Iv'e done the Test on speakers and seem to be working other than this when watching a DVD or TV i'm to make use with sub
woofer and 2 speakers. Any suggestions Guys ?

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  1. this sounds like a settings problem . i think if you find the appropriate menu, you will be able to choose what configuration you want to use . i beleive you have the option of 5.1 or 2.1 or maybe even 3 channel logic , as well as different dolby effects. but i should say that you shouldn't expect to hear much from the rear speakers in listening to movies or music , if you can imagine where the sound should be coming from say in a movie that should clue you in to what 5.1 is trying to acheive
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