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Athlon 1.4 = 700 Mhz??

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April 4, 2003 10:47:02 AM

i dont if others are suffering from this problem too but here it goes..

athlon 1.4, ECS k7vza motherboard, 512 RAM, Baracuda HD, Winddows XP

1st boot of my pc in the morning it will run very well. but if i have to restart the pc(say,i just installed a program that needs to reboot the system) it will start really very very slow. i just found why: because when i right click the my computer icon and click on the properties, windows xp reads the speed of the processor as 700 mhz only. if i rebbot again my pc, it will start again very very slow. BUT if i shutdown the computer and leave it turned off for at least 5 minutes, it will get back to its right speed again as soon as it is turned on, difinitely slow if i have just to restart it.

even if with fresh installation of windows xp will not help.still very slow. i have no firewall, no network and this machine is a standalone.

whats going on here? any cure out there? help!!

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April 4, 2003 11:55:05 AM

Wow, you got yourself a mobile processor which is using speedstep technology :) 
Sorry, unable to help but just can't help myself making a joke on this... sorry again...

You never know how stupid you are until you have done something stupid enough for you to realize it.
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April 4, 2003 12:02:34 PM


yes, hahahah
April 4, 2003 12:10:37 PM

dont know much, but do check the FSB setting in ur BIOS....CMOS is getting cleared when restarting??? no idea pal....