Racing Whell less then $100

I want a racing wheel to use with my new system, and I can't spend $250 on a g25, g27, I want a good racing wheel for my new gaming rig, for less then or somthing close to $100 any recommendations?

Running windows 7 ultimate 64bits
ati 5850
phenom II X4 955
4GBS of ram
640gb HD
Antec 900
Antec Earthwatts 750w
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    The Logitech MOMO racing isn't bad - I had the old version of that one prior to my current G25.
  2. I was looking at the Logitech Driving Force GT as now it looks like that Logitech made drivers for it to work on the pc and I was also looking at the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Forcec Feedback Racing Wheel

    Anything that would be better than that on that price range? Or any comments if it works on pc, or like if they are good?
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