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Hello, our Toshiba LCD flat screen got knocked over. The coax connection got pulled out and the picture looks like it has a bullet hole in the middle with cracks running to the edges. Are repairs going to be close to replacement cost?
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  1. maybe..

    it could be said that the most important piece of an lcd television is the lcd panel itself.
    next would be the video processor.
    the power supply could also be mentioned if it is one that is ment to last.

    lcd cracks might be common.. but their replacement panels might not be easy to get your hands on.
    you should probably contact toshiba and ask for the nearest certified repair center.
    then contact the repair center and ask if a new lcd panel is even possible for your television.
    maybe you want to call around to some other repair centers that arent toshiba 'certified' but accredited as electrical repair people because of the ability to repair electronics.
    maybe these people have something different to say.

    lcd panels should be able to be bought.
    and they would work if the electrical connections are fitting.
    the lcd panel could be a product of toshiba, or some other manufacturer.

    at worst..
    the lcd panel connections fit, but the backlight isnt the right design for the lcd panel.
    and the result could be a bit 'weird' and dull because of the lack of backlight.

    when something breaks.. it is always a chance to buy a manufacturer replacement, or make the attempt to create something custom.
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