Has anyone heard of Bauer?

I have just purchased a Bauer 22" television for my kitchen from amazon.
I am extrememly pleased with it but I cannot find any manufacturer name or contact details on either the television itself or the very substantial instruction booklet.

It doesn't even say 'Bauer' and I only know that is it's make because it was listed as such on Amazon.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please. thank you
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  1. Bauer is a cheap mass production chinese built set. Think along the lines of a rebranded Audiovox, Sylvania, Funai, Dynex, Magnavox. You won't get much of an instruciton manual with them. They're just meant to be tossed when they break. Not bad for what they are. Don't expect name brand quality.
  2. thanks.
    I think most things these days are throw-away!
    I have to say that the instruction manual is first class. Far better than the ones I have had with my sony bravia and panasonic units.
    I guessed it would be a chinese or taiwanese brand and obviously mass produced but I haven't bought anything before that didn't even have a name on it, strange.
    I wanted a 22" with full HD freeview built in and also dvd player & usb pvr. There weren't that many to choose from and for £150 it fits he bill
    How long it will last is entirely another matter lol!
  3. Well that is indeed the question! If it lasts a few years, you've done well.
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