Notebook speakers work but headphones dont.

Hello there,
I have an issue with my notebook, model ASUS s96s
Well, one day my headphone sound just disappeared and there is now anomaly with the Realtek HD audio manager. Before i continue then i also mention that laptop speakers work perfectly, no problem at all.
So.. when ever i plug in my headphones to OUTPUT S/PDIF slot, then realtek HD manager autopops up and says its Mic in by default. Also uploaded picture what is right here:

When i check "Headphones box" then it just says that "this device type is not supported!" and no sound at all. It gives feeling that i have 2 mic in lines and zero output lines. Im going nuts soon, no idea what to do. Tryed dozens of different drives, uninstalled, reinstalled tryed every stupid thing that is possible, but still cant get any sound from my headphones. :pfff:
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  1. Just to be sure, have you tried another pair of headphones or earphones?
  2. "tryed every stupid thing that is possible" :ange:
  3. up...
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