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Hey everyone,

Just asking for a couple tips...

Basically, I am recently kitting out my new place with a whole new load of electronics. I really want to be able to set up my house with a whole sort of fie sharing system.
I have a new Samsung Smart TV, a Desktop unit, Ipad, a PS3 and a Sonos system for each room.
What I want to do is have a 1TB hard drive with a wireless signal that any of my systems can access and anything I put on there can be streamed wirelessly.
So if im on my couch my TV can connect to the hard drive and I can watch anything off of it and same with my Ipad in bed. All as well as my Sonos being able to conect as well so my computer doesnt always have to be on to stream my musc, its just done of this hard drive.
I have had a look around but cnat find anything suitable really. the closest I have found is Sony SMP-N100 or Iomega TV with Boxee + Network Storage.
Either way, those two things have really seemed ideal as they still have a fair number of restrictions on them...

any info or pointers would be great! and im not looking for something too pricey either.

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  1. You have a few different challenges. One, a small server with a network share will definately serve your needs. If you are wanting to stream HD, wireless is iffy. If any way possible, hard wire anything you want to stream full 1080 to. What are you going to use to record TV? Are you going to use media center, or something else?
  2. Im not too bothered about sharing wirelessly with HD as it will be set up next to my TV so anythng i copy across onto that I have downloaded or what not that will be HD/1080 and I watch on my TV will be wired in. But not everything will be, like music. and having my Ipad play all my HD stuff wrelessy wouldnt be a massive concern.
    Um, I hadnt really thought about recording TV as I dont watch it much. I would mainly be using the TV for my PS3 and watching from my Hard drive.

    I did just find this, and it ooks pretty good, but stil not convinced...

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