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AMD Vs Intel

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Last response: in CPUs
April 5, 2003 12:20:34 PM

How you think about this two brand processer???
please post up your opinion...

i think AMD is better .
how you think???

More about : amd intel

April 5, 2003 12:53:08 PM

Jesus, not this kind of stupid post again. I think most people here have been so fed up by this kind of Fanboy thread.
Can any moderator delete this post?
I really think THGC should open a Fanboy section for this kind of rubbish post and let them aruging there without disturbing people here.

You never know how stupid you are until you have done something stupid enough for you to realize it.
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April 5, 2003 1:31:51 PM

Yep, Yep!

If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
April 5, 2003 1:50:10 PM

Uh... I like Cyrix. No... wait a minute... they're VIA now...

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April 5, 2003 1:54:24 PM

Whatever company made that Dragon chip in china!

"We are Microsoft, resistance is futile." - Bill Gates, 2015.
April 5, 2003 4:31:03 PM

if you want to read about amd vs. intel just do a search in the CPU forum and you can read till your eyes start to bleed.

<b>Just because I like AMD or Intel more at a time because of one product compared to another, does not make me a fan boy, it makes me a person who is able to make a descision for myself.</b>
April 6, 2003 12:17:28 AM

Yeah, I'm tired of these threads, though I'm hanging around this forum for only 8 months (6 months regularly). Nowdays I just ignore these threads.

Hmmm...., a fanboy section or a section only for AMD vs. Intel threads are really required. This forum will be much more active than some dead forums in THGC, 'cause we see at least 3-4 pure "AMD vs. Intel" threads in a week

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April 6, 2003 7:50:18 PM

Im going to give my opinion even though this question sucks.

AMD is better. When you weigh price in. AMD is not far behind Pentium in performance, but its price is waaay lower.

If you want all performance and dont care about money, obviously go Pentium. And while youre at it, get a FX 5800 Ultra because it outperforms the 9800 Pro, and buy everything that costs more but has that slight edge.

but the faact is people dont have all that money, and weigh price into their descision. We want the best, while not going broke. hence why I have AMD 2400XP instead of P4 2.4ghz, and a Radeon 9700 Pro instead of 9800 Pro or FX 5800Ultra, a 2mb cache HD instead of 8mb, OCZ pc3200 memory instead of Corsair, MSI's k7nl2 nforce2 board instead of Asus's deluxe version, and the list goes on.

So yes, price weighed in, AMD is much better.
April 6, 2003 8:48:26 PM

Erm, the 9800 Pro (and the 9700 Pro) outperform the 5800 FX Ultra in quite a few things (especially when you turn on AA and Anisotropic filtering). The 9800 Pro also costs the same (MSRP) as the 5800 FX Ultra.

As for price. Right now, at the 2.6 GHz (PR2600) level and above (around the $180 mark), the P4's are about equivalently priced (in fact a bit lower) to equivalently modeled Athlons. It's only at the lower-region (the dirt-cheap region if you will) that the Athlons are a significantly better deal. That's nothing to scoff at, it's quite and advantage, but I think you'll agree not everyone has to "not worry about money" to justify spending $180 on a processor.

"We are Microsoft, resistance is futile." - Bill Gates, 2015.
April 6, 2003 9:26:18 PM

lol oh dear i cant stand much more of the this is better than that posts, only been a "reg" a month or so :/ 
April 7, 2003 1:25:29 AM

Welcome to the Forum & enjoy. He He. The Days of Our Lives aren't near as interesting as THG Forum!

If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
April 7, 2003 7:11:02 AM

*pulls out a gun and shoots sfkwan between the eyes, and splits his skull on the street curb after he dies*
April 7, 2003 9:05:07 AM

I like to lube up a brand new AMD processor so that I can rub it all over my naked body.

Intel on the other hand gives me a rash and blisters. My mommy likes to masturbate to Intel commercials though. I think she's a retard.
April 7, 2003 10:29:22 AM

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god that was funneh ;D