Extending cable length of rear speakers

My wife (as a surprise) recently purchased a Theater in a box, but the problem is that the cables for the rear speakers are far too short.

SONY BDV-E570 Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System

She asked about upgrading to the 770 (w/rear wireless) but apparently it was part of a package deal by SKU number so they couldn't swap.

We aren't audiophiles by any means, but I'd like to get at least something of a middlle ground alternative for cable so they can extend the reach of the rear speakers.

The distance needed is about 10-12 ft.

Any input is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. If you can handle cutting up wires and connecting an extension in between you should have no problem so long as you observe polarity and insulate the connections.

    Here in Europe you'd use what are called block connectors -- plastic with metal screw terminals moulded in which are pretty foolproof for this type of job. You may find them or an equivalent at Radio Shack-type stores -- along with suitable connecting wire.
  2. I undestand splicing is an option, but if there is just an out of the box solution (ie: audio cables that are comaptible subsititutes and meet the desired length) I'd rather go that route for now.

    Thank you for your advice though.
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