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I have this DELL with is power supply adapter damage (components corroded by water), and like this adaptation (modifyded) internal PC ATX Power supply to function on this DELL, I verify voltage output the original power supply is 12v/Ground/Remote signal on the pinouts the cable, I adapt this cable into internal pc power of same form used 12v / ground and the remote power on (green wire), but not function, someone help me ?

I am Brazilian and not within this original power supply in my country !

Thanks for atention !!!
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    To turn on an ATX power supply that isn't connected to a motherboard use a wire or paper clip to short the green wire (PS_ON) to any one of the black wires (COM).

    be very careful
    an ATX power supply can kill you easily if you make a mistake
  2. Thank you for your attention, but it solved the problem, I did an adaptation of an ATX power supply for this Dell PC using only the tensions of 12 and 5v and adapted the old cable from the power DELL and returned to normal functioning, it was just anti aesthetic but work is important!
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