Logitech z-2300 subwoofer problem at 50%+ volume...sub sounds distorte

i got these speakers a few days ago brand new.....wen i play music at 50% + volume with the sub only about 1/3 of the way...it sounds as if the speaker is touching the grill and sounds really distorted....these speakers should have no trouble at higher level of volumes so im not sure if i should return them or just leave... according to reviews these speakers are fine at really high levels of audio so i dunno wats going on here :S .....any theories on the problem ?
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  1. a lot of ppl say its distorted at high volume lvls, itsjust the nature of THOSE speakers.
  2. if you believe that the drivers are touching th grill on your sub, you could try prying out, to reduce some rattles.
  3. hmm im not sure if i want to pry anything out cause then the warranty is void... ive had a mate come over who used to own an audio store...he listened to them and says there fried....so i guess im taking them back....thanks anyway mate, appreciated :)
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