Filter/sticky keys virus?

Im really hoping someone can help me out I have been dealing with This issue for so long now i am starting to get very frustrated so basically when i turn my laptop on before it even logs in it comes up asking me if i want to turn filter keys on it used to ask for sticky keys but some how i got rid of that then the caps lock works in reverse i also select on one icon and it selects multiple the numbers do not type when it is like this and the right hand side shift key has never worked since I have used so many anti malwares anti viruses spybot type softwares If i hold down shift and lock it seems to fix the problem for five minutes if im lucky I feel i have tried just about everything hoping someone might have the solution i have had the laptop for about two years maybe its had its days but i would prefer if there was a solution to fixing it rather then buying a new one any suggestions would be much appreciated thankyou
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  1. sounds like your shift key is stuck mate.

    if it doesnt look it, take of the keyboard and make sure theres nothing jammed between the key and contact point.

    but thats certainly a shift key being held down. and not a virus, lol. virus's are much more malicious.
  2. welshmousepk
    I have tried that and i am fairly sure the shift key isnt stuck but i will have another look and let you know the outcome.thanks anyway
  3. welshmousepk
    i just finished cleaning the keyboard on the laptop again and for now i think it is fixed there was just bit of dust there but the right shift dosent work at all it is my daughters and i think she can manage without that key and just use the left shift key. Thanks again for your help.
  4. no problem, happy to help.

    if the key has stopped working entirely, i would imagine it was actually a faulty connection. if you need the shift key working, it should be a fairly simple repair for someone who knows their way around a computer. if you know anyone who might be able to do it that is.
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