Parallel cable to USB

My mobo is P7P55D 1156 chip set. It has no printer connection to a parallel cable.
If I connect my printer parallel cable to USB will this work.

Due to my printer is no longer supported by win7 64b, I plan to dual boot. that is have 2 HD

1- Sata for win7 and the IDE drive for XP(will only use to print)

Its a laser printer working well and hate to let it go. tia
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  1. USB adapters to stuff like Parallel or SCSI may or may not work. I would negotiate with the retailer that they will refund if it doesn't work.

    If you're really keen to keep the printer you could investigate networking an old laptop just for printing -- or maybe a network adapter for the printer such as the Intel Netport Express (old and cheap on ebay ?)
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