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Hey guys / gals. I've been a computer technician for quite some time, but, every once in awhile, I get stuck and have to resort to the forums for help.

So here's the sitch, I've got two hard drives with Windows 7 on it. One of them, the operating system crashed entirely, on the other, it's a perfect copy of how the other hard drive was at factory settings (drivers and all). Now, you're probably wondering, hey, why not use the other hard drive? Thing is, I'm trying to save / keep all the programs on the first hard drive in order to save myself the hassle from 1) pretending I'll find / looking for the disks that I know I don't have and 2) the time it'd take to install them. Originally, the machine was *not* giving me anything except sending me over to start up repair, stating that it couldn't fix the problem. I used the other hard drive to boot into Windows, and was hoping to do a repair option on the other hard drive. Unfortunately, I don't think that's entirely possible. I used Hirens Boot CD to check out the System32 / Syswow64 folders, and there was hardly anything in there. So, naturally, started copying off certain sub folders from one to the other. Now, I can get it to attempt to boot / it sees the partition / I go to safe mode, and it hits Classpnp.sys for a split second, then startup repair. Startup repair let's me see that there is one root cause, but, after doing its thing, says that it didn't detect an issue with the startup.

If you don't want to read the paragraph or want a summary of where I'm at:

1x Sony Vaio laptop
2x Hard drives (one with a factory restored image on it, another one that won't boot into the OS)
The hard drive that I need to boot from / one that has my programs goes to Startup Repair after hitting Classpnp.sys in Safe Mode
Startup repair has one thing fail (StartupRepairOffline issue), but says it didn't detect a problem / everything booted fine afterwards
Attempted to rebuild the BCD (after successful fixmbr / fixboot), but it states it sees 0 installations of windows. However, I have a Windows 7 retail disk that sees the installation folder.

Which folders should I be looking for to port over? I assume the BCD should be fine if it sees the drivers up until that? halp
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  1. As I write this, I'm realizing that the problem may not necessarily be with startup, but with what happens afterwards.
  2. There is an option to use a recovery software program on the good drive to get the files /data/etc off of the bad drive. The program Recuva is a free download and if the bad drive does in fact at least turn on then there's a chance to recover files from it.
  3. That'll get documents and such.. Not programs. I actually rebuild the operating system myself / reconfigured the BCD.
  4. halpmetom said:
    That'll get documents and such.. Not programs. I actually rebuild the operating system myself / reconfigured the BCD.

    Having the same issue but rebuilding BCD did not resolve. Any suggestions would be great
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