Packard Bell PB620

Can anyone tell me what type of RAM this computer takes? I am new to repairing/upgrading, trying to learn working on computers so I picked this up online for cheap. Thanks for any help1
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  1. run this program CPU-Z
    and see what memory speeds it lists

    that is a well known and trusted program but of course always scan first before using any download

    that should tell you your memory speed and type

    I went to Packard Bell support and also Crucial memory finder and your model wasnt listed

    any other info you can give from what is written on tower will help
  2. The Model on the back says it is a PB434A i dunno if that'll help ill look around and see what else i can find too

    pb620 CD
  3. i went googling PB 434a and no luck
    must be a real old computer I guess?
  4. Yeah its definitely old, I havent been able to find any working sites with info on it which is strange, I got it for 25 bucks mainly as a fix up project to see what I could do and not worry about breaking anything...I think the power supply is shot on it so ive been hunting down one of those
  5. yes I am very sorry I really tried for you but no luck
    I tried Crucial and Memory for Less memory finders
    I tried Packard Bell support multiple times.
  6. Thanks for trying! I guess ill have to do a little trial and error :-D thanks again
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