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I am trying to connect my home theatre to my tv via hdmi. When i play a dvd on my ht the sound comes both from tv as well as ht. Is that normal? How can I avoid that in this setup.
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  1. turn off the feature on the receiver or television if the feature exists.
    if the feature doesnt exist.. turn down the volume on the television to 0.
  2. Mate thanks for the reply. Na there is no feature on the tele or the ht. Till now I was doing the same thing youve mentioned.
    Ok another related question, why can't I get a 5.1 channel sound from the ht when I play a 5.1 dvd. The front two are currently working.
  3. maybe you dont have the receiver in 'auto detect' mode.
    maybe you have the receiver setup to output stereo only.

    maybe you have to go into the menu of the DVD and select which audio format to use.
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