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Who makes a true "multi console" Intel based system ? One that 2 or more video cards can be put in one server case and 2 or more users simultaneously be using all the software. IF that does exist, then who has a dirt cheap - high performance terminal that can be tied to the server. I want to setup my home with multi users but only one server and software set to maintain.
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  1. What you are talking about here are "Diskless Workstations".

    These are essentially PCs that do not have internal boot devices. Instead they use net-boot to get the OS from the server and go to the server to get software and data when in operation. Most do have a small hard disk for batching and swapping but everything else comes from the server.

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  2. Actually, I didn´t know that this kind of "terminal" was in use. I know people talked about it, but I didn´t know that that idea actually got around... I was thinking this guy wanted something along the lines of multi-monitor configurations, which is of course something completely different... Are these "Diskless Workstations" widely available, Teq? Does software run on the terminal? If so, then what are the advantages, aside from not having (to buy) a hard disk?... Or does the terminal ask the server to run software, then merely displays results?
  3. They are used in lots of businesses and schools. Sun workstations make extensive use of this model. The advantage is in the size of the workstation, and the ability to upgrade the network by just upgrading the s/w on the server. You can easily hook up new workstations, and can move from one station to another without losing your information or settings, because it is all on the server.

    What happens is the workstations get an extra boost of ram instead of a hard drive, so that they can run the software locally. If it's a big program, the calculations are done on the server (financial software, I know from experience, runs most of the fetches from the server, not the workstation. It was fun crashing the server for hours on end doing some endless loop request. Too bad they caught me once ;-( )

    These workstations are only practical if you have a bloody fast server.

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  4. Thanks, but my first hope was for a system that is truely multi console. Any ideas ?
  5. Do you know of multi monitor multi console usage ?
  6. do they have to be physical consols? you can just set up 2k server and use terminal services. then you can use low power machines to open a session, you will get a desktop and every thing. all proccessing and storage is done on the server.

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  7. I was hoping someone would say that the system existed that could do multi console (this would also be good for multi gaming), but if I have to, I'll go terminal services.

  8. Have you considered like using 2 computers? Just pretend one is the server, you can play admin and spank it when its bad.

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