Best Headphones Under $100(usd)

Sorry to make such a similar post to the $30 one, but I want to be able to use these things all day and not get mad at them. So comfort is a plus. I like isolation, and I don't want a mic on them (unless it'll be better than my desktop mic)
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  1. So I'm looking at the denon AH-D1001

    and I think they look pretty cool.

    I really like these because they fold up but I'm not sure about the sound quality.

    These two look like they're high quality but might not be comfortable/don't have isolation.
  2. What's your activity, gaming, movies, music and what kind of music?
  3. Wow, thanks for answering, I thought I was doomed:p

    I do all three pretty regularly. Gaming's probably my biggest thing, but I don't want a microphone because I'd like to use them for walking around music, unless it's detachable. Folding up would be a nifty feature.
  4. For under $100 yo have the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO - very good, a bit heavy. EH350 lighter and on-ear. I think you should get the Denon, light and great value for the money, they compete against $300 headphones.
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