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Hi guys, so with all things considered, which headset is better, the Logitech G35 or the Tritton AX Pros? I've read reviews of both, and they are very mixed. People say that the Trittons break after the first few months of good use, is this true? and the G35s I've heard can get uncomfortable. I've heard mixed reviews about the audio on both too, and feel free to suggest other headsets that you might think are better.
Basically this is what I want to know:
Are the Logitech G35s uncomfortable after a while?
Which headset sounds better?
Is the Stereo mode on the G35s better than the surround mode?
Will the Trittons break after a couple of months of regular use?
Any other useful info is appreciated.
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    i dont know anything about the Logitech headphones, but I own a pair of AX PRO's and they are amazing. while it's true that they used to have some reliability issues, (i'm on my 3nd pair), when the first one broke (mic input went bad) Tritton was very good about doing a repair, and even paid for the shipping. The 2nd pair had the same issue and when i reported this to Tritton they put me on a waiting list for their updated model. They sent me the new AXPROs when they released them and they've worked like a charm for about a year now. i guess whatever wiring problem they had before has since been fixed.

    on the headphones themselves, i cannot imagine a better headphone experience. they are true 5.1 dolby digital or 5.1 analog pro logic. they have awesome bass, killer highs and clear mids. and the 5.1 surround works REALLY well. in COD4 and MW2 i can always tell which direction people are coming from.

    the decoder box they include is also great, since you can connect anything that has an optical out (i use them with my pc, tv, ps3, and xbox, and you can hook up an analog desktop speaker set to the analog out to get 5.1 sound even when you're not wearing the headphones.

    they are very comfortable to wear. the cups are big and actually go all the way around your ear and press against your head instead of squishing your ears. they may start to hurt your ears after 2-3 hours to straight use without a break though.

    hope this helps!
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  3. I dont know if your still interested, but I have a pair of AX51 pros, and if you drop them, on hard floor, your toast. I dropped mine, and the sound in the left side went bad, so I RMAed it, and got it back a month later, working perfectly, a few days ago I dropped it again, and the lights in the left side stopped working, and the sound aswell.. But they are very good headphones
  4. I have a pair of the G35's and really like them. I play CoD4 and MW2 and they are great for directional sound. I can tell where people are on the map. Unfortunately mine broke tonight, they fell off the bed and onto the carpeting and one of the ear pieces snapped. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I have a Dell XPS 1730 Laptop with XP and never had a problem. But my custom desktop with Vista 64bit had some issues with the drivers or memory leak. My husband uninstalled the drivers and just let Windows pick it up and install it.
  5. I have both Logitech G35 and and Triton ax pro,

    IMO: Logitech sound quality is better, very immersive.....unfortunately not true surround, but the tight uncomfortableness also brings the blessing of crisp clear audio so clean,that even now i still find my self taking them off to make sure the stereo is not playing it(only to find that i am wrong, and then i smile)

    after an hour my ears have had enough pinching

    Triton is much much much much much more comfortable, and is true surround(assuming you hook it up right) although it is true surround, it seems dirtier, or drier than the logitechs.

    If you play for long periods i think you want the tritions

    and for those of you concerned with breaking eardrums.......the tritons are screamingl loud when connected to my xbox, = to g35's on pc
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