Looking for an Atom Netbook with Gigabit ethernet

Looking for an Atom Netbook with Gigabit ethernet. Does anyone make one? I want a tiny simple file server to run with USb drives from a netbook and be able to get the average 25MB/sec USB2.0 speed
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  1. Dell Latitude 2100. Asus 121. Zepto Notus A12.

    Netbooks with gigabit ethernet I believe are more often geared towards business users as few home users have gigabit networking.

    Do you really want a netbook or do you just want an ultra low-power PC (Intel Atom or otherwise x86-compatible) with gigabit ethernet, like the Asus EeBox B202? There may also be embedded servers running gigabit available. Also, Firewire (IEEE-1394) is generally faster for bulk storage devices like hard drives (if you're looking to be faster) at a slightly additional cost but eSATA is currently the ultimate attachment for the home market.

    Currently, I have a box that I term a micro-server that sips at measly 5-7 watts in normal operation (including a hard drive) but unfortunately doesn't have gigabit as it's too old.
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