I have a XP1700 with the following on the chip..

AXDA1700DLT3C 9231997260084

I have just bought this along with a Epox 8RDA+ motherboard and im wanting now some Corsair XMS 3500 512mbs of memory (2 of them) to go with it..
Apparently, these chips are as fast as anything because you can clock them to hell and back..
The review of them is

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if anyone can help me... please do!! oh by the way, any overclocking tips?

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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  1. I've got a 1700 JIUHB, and a 8RDA+, and a ThermalTake Volcano 7+ - and this chip is GREAT..

    With my Volcano's fan setting at LOW (fairly quiet), I've currently got it 100% stable at ~1990 Mhz, simply by increasing the FSB to 166, and the chip hits 40-42C FULL LOAD. There's loads more headroom in there too, but my ram can't go a great deal quicker, coz half of it's just bog-standard Crucial PC2100.

    To OC effectively, just try to raise the FSB speed a bit at a time, and then run some burn-in tests under windows to check stability - if it can run for hours happily, then push it a little more.... until stability probs creep in.

    What you should aim for is the highest FSB possible, lowering the CPU multiplier if necessary... i.e. a system with 166*12 (CPU @ ~1992Mhz) would probably get beaten by a system with 190*10 (CPU @ ~1900Mhz), even though the cpu is slower, because of the increased bandwidth.

    Oh yeah - make sure you set the RAM speed to SYNCH (100%) too...


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  2. One advise I can give is run your memory at 200MHz i.e. DDR400 (PC3200). You can't fully utilise the nForce2 power if you run at PC3500 because this is not supported by Twinbank technology aka dual channel DDR. Furthermore, I would say run your RAM in sync with your CPU. If you really have enough preperation, overclock the CPU FSB to 166MHz and setyour memory to 166MHz to run in sync and you'll get the greatest performance boost. In simple word, run at 166/166 but not 166/200 because 166/166 can outperform 166/200.

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  3. 1.85 volts, (mines an AXP 1700+ JUICB)

    166Mhz bus, hardest memory timings, (although im only single channel at the moment)
    14.5 multiplier (hard unlocked)

    Cooling with an Alpha Pal8045t, and a Coolermaster 80mm fan, 1500 rpms Vantec Nexus mod, and 24cfms. Roughly 34 celsius idle, 38 celsius full load in games

    Make sure you get two sticks of the same speed ram, same manufacturer, for example, 2 sticks of Pc3200 Corsair XMS 512mb, 1 in banks 1 and 3 for Dual channel mode, hence the athlon gets 6.4gb/s with ultra low lateny if you run at the 200mhz bus (overclocked heavily). Dont forget, you get generally better performance with 1t command rate and max timings at 166mhz bus, than you would at less strict timings and the 200mhz bus

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  4. I bought my 1800+ JUIHB T-bred B last week, I managed to run it 100% stable ( Prime95 torture test for over 48 hours ) @ 2.0GHz ( 12.5 x 160MHz ) on 1.85Vcore, my temps are near 55C under full load, cooled by a CyberCooler P-20000AC full cooper HSF.

    My Infineon PC2700 don't seem to be willing to go any higher than 160MHz at 2/2/2/5/1T. I'm about to buy some Samsung PC3200 TCC4, hoping that it will be stable on a 166MHz FSB at the hardest memory timings on my A7V333.

    I would appreciate if someone could link me to some information on how to unlock the higher multipliers by using copper wire between the pins CPU pins. I already tried the "GOA" method but it did'nt work.

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  5. That's great! I hear weeks 7 - 10 are incredible overclockers some reach 2.5 Ghz on less than 1.75 volt.

    Seems yours was originally intended to be an XP2600+ so I'd start at about 12.5 * 166 (about 2.1 Ghz) with say 1.7 volt. If it works at that speed and voltage try for more. I'd keep it below 1.85 volt, especially if you are using air cooling. Not sure what bus speed you can reach on your mobo so if you need higher multipliers then you will have to mod the chip or try one of the wire mods. However, if you can get above 166 Mhz I'd advise against mod'ing. It's probabably not worth the risk.

    I have a XP1700+, JIUHB 0302, 1.6 volt. Not as good an overclocker as the new ones. I need 1.775 volt to reach 2.1 Ghz (14 * 150, old KT133 mobo). I can reach 2.25 Ghz but I need 2.15 volts. Since I only have air cooling I stick to the 2.1 Ghz.

    Good luck!

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  6. ok, reading all of the replies, i have just a few points of view that i have been reading and gathering from other forums and other review sites..

    1. fsb should be kept as high as possible and the better and faster the memory the better the chances of overclocking will be..
    2. i will no doubtly run in dual channel mode, this is why im asking people whether or not the 3200 memory is better than the 3500, as theres a little price difference and there is a little performance difference.. either way, the 3500 is 'better' but more expensive..
    3. overclocking i will be going as far as i can, but not going above 1.75volts as i hear the cpus and the board dont like it for some reason.. not questioning it, just living by that rule!!
    4. i will be getting a new case so that i will have more than enough fans going into and out to make sure it has a good air flow and that it will be as cool as possible.. i dont like things hot.. but i must say, that the spanner fans that i have got with my girl friends pc is running really nicely and cool.. no in air intake just two out takes and its down to about 35c idle and no more than 38c full load.. its ideal :)

    but thank you to all that have replied so far.. please keep them coming!!

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  7. why is everyone talking about a 166mhz fsb? run your fsb/memory at 200/200
    does the gigabyte board not support that high of an FSB?
    try running at 200x11 = 2200mhz, or something like that
    if you're gonna set your fsb at 166 then you want ddr333 to run in sync. getting pc3200 (ddr400) or pc3500 is pointless, it won't raise performance, might decrease it. get ddr333 (and with great timings due to the extra money you save on going to a lower speed)
    however, if you DO plan to run a 200mhz fsb, go pc3200

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  8. like i was saying i will be overclocking the memory and the cpu to the highest fsb i can..
    why would pc3500 be slower than pc2700 or pc3200? im on about the corsair xms memory thats been tested and guaranteed at the lowest cas settings possible..
    well not to be completely stupid, but i have the epox board and i have been hearing that people are getting over 230mhz on the fsb.. one guy has got double the speed of his xp1700 so hes near 3ghz! he was using -7c cooling.. water of some sort.. will try and find the url for you

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  9. 1-dont worry about getting ultra high bus speeds, pentium 4s/celerons get much more of a performance boost from the memory (just because of their architecture), where as the athlon only sees a minor boost from 166mhz to 183mhz and 200mhz on the fsb.

    2-its not whether pc3200 or pc3500 is better, its just the quality of the ram chips and its ability to run hard memory timings. pc3500 just tends to generally be more forgiving in the strength of the timings versus stock voltage

    3-dont worry about voltage less than or equal to 1.85 volts, thats about the safe limit for athlons. the pentium4s/celerons though, start at a much lower voltage, and have the nasty rumor for the NSDS (northwood sudden death sydrome) over 1.75 volts. Usually 1.65-1.75 volts is enough for overclocking though

    4-plenty of good cases out there, just make sure you get some basic 80mm fans for intake and exahust and you are set

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  10. you are possibly right with most of what you are saying, but i think of it this way, why limit something that can do 200fsb even if it might not use it..? its just something extra for the setup to have.. i guess in a way it could be bragging rights if you wanted to get it like that but you know what i mean..

    i think that the corsair xms memory is probably one of the highest quality memory there is.. i wouldnt think that theres a way to fault it.. i know its expensive, but then its the same with most things, you get for what you pay for..

    in many respects i wont be turning up the juice to much anyway, its not worth it. more heat not a great way to keep things running cool...
    heres something that you might be interested in.. let me know

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    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  11. Well I underestimate you pal. You want the insanely high FSB then you really should get water cooling or better (liquid nitrogen at -196*C). overclock from 133MHz to beyond 200MHz using air cooling may hurt your CPU a lot, though it will be stable but it may get exhausted pretty fast i.e. your CPU may die pre-mature. Not burnt but overwork.

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  12. well im not going into water cooling as its expensive and i just dont see anything majorly better about the temperatures that people get.. the spanner fans i have got on the pcs i have here are working very well and never go above 40c under full load or even when being left on for 12 hours straight..
    why pay £xxx amount for water cooling when a £13 fan does the job well enough???
    200 fsb will do me fine.. air cooling will be more than enough.. why worry about it dying a year or 2 down the road? i could be upgrading again!!!
    thank you for the help anyway, i have your comments noted down (im not being sarcastic, im being honest..)

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  13. just found something that i think you might want to have a look at..
    its a friendly thing :)

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    its down near the bottom of the page and i hope you enjoy...

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  14. Quote:
    why worry about it dying a year or 2 down the road? i could be upgrading again!!!

    Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse!!! :lol:

    After all, my 1700 only cost me £40... New games cost that.
    so I don't mind if it only lasts a year or so...

    oh yeah - also now stable @ 175*12.5 (~2190Mhz or XP2600+), <b>stock</b> voltage (1.6V), temp. mid 40s under load, high 30s idle :cool:

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
  15. mine cost me about £45 but im not that bothered.. i didnt really have the money at the time, but its better than paying out £300+ for a new cpu.. wont be doing that in a hurry!!
    quick question here..
    does anyone know anything about Geil memory? have noticed some at very impressive timings and prices.. for example 2 x 512mbs PC3500 sticks at £187 with the dual channel stuff in mind..

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    now i was thinking of getting two of the 433 or pc3500 speed modules with 512mbs on them because its a full £50 cheaper than Corsair and it just seems to be as fast as it as well.. any ideas?

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  16. It's so good to live in rich country. It make poor people like me looks stupid. Your 1700+ only cost you £40 but it's 6 times more expensive in my home country. You people only spend £40 on a 1700+ so you can do what ever you want on them, you can even try to overclock without HSF and see if AMD CPU catch fire or not. Forget what I've said on pre-mature dying CPU, it's for poor people.

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  17. I am a poor person - I just sacrifice things like a social life so I can fiddle with silicon in its many forms. :smile:

    Seriously though, can't you buy from an overseas website and get it shipped to you? If using a credit card you can buy in any currency I think. might take a while to get to you but will probably be about 1/3 of the price in total...

    Of course there may be restrictions that I'm unaware of, but I've bought stuff that way before, because I couldn't find a UK site that carried it at all....

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
  18. Online shopping is almost impossible in my country, and all imported pc components has to be taxed for at least 30%. Actually I purchased my current system components from other country and bring them home secretly without alerting the custom officers, most people in my region do the same thing though. It's the only way to purchase good hardwares. The situation of my country is only the big major player appears in the market. you want CPU, there's only Intel; you want RAM, at least I can get Kingston PC2100; you want graphic card, there's only nVidia; you want sound card, there's only Creative. The because of currency exchange, we have a $899 Audigy2 or a $1599 ATi Radeon 9700 Pro.(And, all of these have to be ordered from overseas through local retailer, which I have to wait for a hell long 1-2 months to get them)

    You never know how stupid you are until you have done something stupid enough for you to realize it.
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  19. I managed to run my 1800+ Tbred B @ 2312MHz ( 185 x 12.5 ) on a 2.2Vcore with Samsung PC3200 TCC4 memory @ 2.5/3/3/5 2T on a A7V333-RAID v1.01 with BIOS 1016.

    It was stable enough to take a CPUID screenshot and a couple of Sandra tests : 6485/3224 Arithemtic and 12686/14104 Multimedia.

    Here's the full OPN FYI :
    AXDA 1800 DUT3C xxxxxxx 28 0499
    JIUHB 0307 SPFW

    xxxxxxx = No way AMD get to know my CPU serial # in case something go wrong =)

    I'm now running it @ 2000MHz ( 166 x 12 ) memory @ 2/2/2/5 1T, It seem fully stable so far, has been running Prime 95 torture test for quite a while now.

    Those Tbred-Bs are amazing overclockers !

    Fok Speling Misstake
  20. i have yet to try my cpu and i doubt i will be trying it until i get my corsair xms memory and my new case..
    i cant be bothered to mess about with it and try and get things working and then have to put it in another case etc.. its just too annoying!
    but saying that, i just hope it gets to 2ghz with a 200fsb.. i will more than happy with that.. anything faster is a very big bonus..

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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