What Headset is the best bang for my buck?

I'm looking for a headset under 100 dollars.
I'm into gaming but I also love music so I'm not sure if I should invest in surround sound headsets.

Please help me find the right headset for my needs.

I play games competitively (FPS) but I also want to hear amazing sound quality from my music.

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  1. i am also in this boat, i would like something with a rich base and an optical cable option even if i pay extra, stereo is ok with me
  2. for under 100$, you really wont find anything that has very good music sounds as well as good quality for gaming. I have turtlebeach x11s and theyre not too great in the music department even though they were 65 bucks. Think you're gonna have to step it up to atleast 150 to get good music AND gaming because the frequencies that most game sounds are at are more of a mid level and that is where the headsets are meant to excel in, they cant hit the low bass of hip-hop or the high treble of guitar solos
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