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Hi to All,

I am very curious about the behaviour of computer, after I have changed the

A Ghost image of Windows XP Professional has been prepared with standard
PS2 mouse. The taget computers use USB Microsoft optical mouse. While the
behaviour of the original installation with PS2 mouse is normal, the USB
behaviour is erratic. Namely the single pointing to icon starts the program,
I can
not rename the icon, or file name or even the user accout. When I have
the setting of mouse and interchanged the left and right button, the mouse
is as expected.

Any idea how to return to the standard behaviour of USB mouse.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?)

    If I understand you correctly, the system you cloned did not (at time
    of cloning) have a USB mouse. Therefore, the USB mouse you are using on
    the target computer should be seen by Windows as a new device.
    Although, if you did have a USB mouse on the original system at some
    point in the past, then (depending on several factors) it is possible
    that Windows is thinking the NEW mouse is the one you had on the
    original system, and the two may not necessarily be compatible.

    I would uninstall and then reinstall the mouse and propriatary
    software, if any on the target systems.
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