Computer Freezing and BSOD

Hello everyone, how are you?

My HP xw6400 has been running fine until the last months, it began acting strangely. At first it froze once a week, the screen just lay still and did nothing at all, the mouse didn't move nor could I turn CAPS lock on or off, nothing. The HDD LED was blinking every 5 sec and no matter what I did, I had to press the power button for 10 sec and then restart it to work. Now this is more frequent and during some power ons I get the "windows recovered from an unexpected error" the error being a BSOD which I haven't seen with my own eyes.
Last week the monitor stuck, all was black except where my mouse went. I had to press the desktop button for my pc to show up everything

Weird thing is that I get the errors without doing something certain (ex: photoshop) they just pop up twice a day or more. I can't replicate the error

Intel Xeon E5320 1.86 Ghz Quad Core
2 HDD running on RAID 0
2 GB of HP DDR-2 667 MHz ECC OEM memory
Nvidia GT 220 as primary on 2 monitors
Nvidia 8600 GTX on 3rd monitor

I am new to the forum so please bear with me. Can anyone suggest anything?

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  1. my first thought is powersupply
    that computer is close to 5 years old and if you are running the stock 575watt
    which was just meant for a stock setup but you have two HDs and two video cards
    then that would be the first suspect
    if you get 5 years of life from a OEM PSU then you are already pushing the limits especially if running more hardware than the computer was originally spec'd for

    if you can borrow a PSU or can afford to replace it that would be my first step

    and really doing BIOS updates are good but only if really needed
    you are taking a chance of bricking the computer if the power goes out during an update
    also a bios update on a computer that is freezing is a really BAD idea
    if it freezes during update you have an expensive paper weight
  2. Hello, thanks for the reply

    I'll try changing the power supply today, see if it works.
    Can it be corruption of one of my HDD's?
  3. possibly your OS drive but usually you would hear it making some noise
    usually a grinding or clicking sound
    try running the computer with the side panel off and use a empty paper towel tube and hold it up to the hard drive and listen
    also you can use a diagnostic program like HDtune
    the second one is HDtune and free for personal use
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