Any thoughts on micro USB?

Does anyone have any thoughts on micro USB, the new 'super-small' connectors that people are going to on devices themselves?
Personally, I think that they look a little....... fragile just because of their size when I gaze at them, but I figured I would ask here before buying anything with them or deciding to take a total pass on them.
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  1. Do you have anything that you would use for it? My look on it is that right now when you buy just about anything really from a cell fone to printer or just about anything they usually take a regular usb. so unless you really have a use for it, i would just stick with the regular USB
  2. I was looking at external hard drives, and I saw that nearly all of them now (the new ones and cheaper ones anyway) are coming with Micro USB connections, so I really need some information about the 'durability' of these things compared to Mini USB connectors.

    From regular USB to Mini.... the quality didn't drop much.... but these Micro USB things are TINY and look like they would be quite easy to snap off if someone wasn't careful.
  3. yeah, im not sure on the quality, sorry
  4. Allegedly, everyone is switching from mini-USB to micro-USB for increased durability.
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