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I got a serious problem with my 6 month old computer witch i build my self. Almost everytime i play a game, my computer randomly crashes and i get the BSOD. It happens after i have played for a little while or straight off!
I have had this problem for quite some time now, and I have tried almost everthing to stop it.

Here is what i already have tried:

- updated Graphic drivers
- runned memory diagnostic tool like 5 times ( no errors)
- put the ram timing to 9- 9 -9 -24 and 1600mhz in bios , and 1.65 volt.
- Underclocked the ram.. (no luck)
- and even reinstalled windows!

i got:
*asus sabertooth x58
* 2 gb Western Digital or Seagate Barracuda.. HD( can't remeber witch one =D)
* 8gb Corsair cmx8gx3m2a1600c9 (1600mhz, 9-9-9-24-1.65v) Ram
* Intel i7 950 cpu
* radeon hd 6870 gpu

hope anyone out there can help me, I'm desperate !

edit: the blue screen error is: 0x50 and is caused by the windows file "notskrnl.exe".
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  1. The Sabertooth X-58 motherboard is a triple channel motherboard and you most likely do not have triple channel ram installed. Triple channel comes in 3gb,6gb,12gb,24gb and with mixing and matching you can get 9gb,15gb and 18gbbut not 8gb. I know that the ram is working but if your ooking for a reason for the random BSOD then it could be the ram.
  2. thanks for fast replay, i will look into it!
  3. so buying a 3x4 could solve it? or do i need 6 x 2 ?
  4. I'm not saying that it would solve it I was pointing out the you don't have triple channel ram on a triple channel motherboard and that could be the reason for your BSOD. If your going to get a new ram set then you want to make sure it says it's a triple channel set and that generaly means a set of three ram sticks and not just the total that's important but it's that it wants to bein sets of three ram sticks.
    Is your current ram of 8gb in two sticks? (2x4gb) Or three sticks? (2x3gb+1x2gb)
  5. it is 2x4 gb .. but i just read the manual to the motherboard, and it says it supports dual and tripple.
  6. Well then it's not the ram and have you done any stress testing of te video card? A program like FutureMark is a free download and will stress test the video card to see if you could have a card that will cause a crash when a game is initiated. Sometimes a video card will display 2D just fine but will have a defect that when 3D is played it will cause a crash.
    There is also tha possability of a corrupted bios that will do the same thing and cause a crash when 3D is played. You can try either reloading the bios file of updating it.
    Without being there for hands on it's tough to tell exactly what it could be.
  7. You say you ran the memory diagnostic tool.....the one in Windows 7? If so then run memtest the one in Windows is not as good and misses bad RAM all the time.


    8GB needs 10 to 12 hours to fully test it.
  8. so if i stress test my ram and get some kind of an error.. what next ? buy new ram?
  9. Any memtest errors at all mean either a bad stick or it's not configured correctly. Since DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 @ 1.65v is standard for an LGA 1366 build I would have to say any errors just mean a bad stick. If you get errors test each stick by itself to isolate tha bad one.
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