HELP !! Vertical lines suddenly appearing on my ASUS LCD ?!

Hey all ... I just wanted to get some advice from all of you ... I have an ASUS VW266H LCD which I bought about 3-4 months ago from Zip Zoom Fly.. What happened was that I was just watching a movie on this LCD right now, and all of a sudden these colors vertical lines started to appear on the LCD out of nowhere .. I tried turning the LCD off and on, and tried connecting other input sources (PS3, Xbox 360, Laptop Output) but the vertical lines remained there .. There are two pictures of these vertical lines appearing:

Can someone tell me what may have caused this ? And this damage would fall under the warranty, right ? And what would be the warranty procedure, as I have never claimed a warranty before ..

Thanks in advance for all your help .. :)
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  1. Definitely something wrong with the monitor since you tried several sources. Call customer service the number should be on the warranty card. Tell them the situation.
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