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Solution to the Compaq r4000 power jack solder issue

i need to know which wires hook up to the pins on the connecter that goes into the laptop.
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  1. The your mother board manual will inform you that which system panel connector pins are for each system panel wire & will also inform you that which pin is the pin for power & ground.
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    HP/Compaq does provide service and maintenance manuals for their laptops in that, it shows how to disassemble your laptop. Yours is here
    This link is to a picture of your power jack (I hope it's the right one)
    - you'll note on it that there are pins coming out of the bottom. Those pins get soldered directly onto the PCB - there should be no wires to connect and no confusion about the orientation of the part.
    Practice your soldering first if you are at all rusty.
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