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I plan To buy Creative t3130 speakers. How is it in terms of audio? In appearance it looks great

these are my options.

Altec VS2421 2.1 Channel Rs 2200 Creative Inspire 2.1 T3130 Rs 2300

Altec VS2621 2.1 Channel Rs 2250 Creative Inspire 4.1 M4500 Rs 2200

mine is a mid sized room . I have realtek alc888s integrated audio. is this enough.
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  1. Not for me.
  2. how much are they?

    because, i bought an RCA 5.1 surround sound that is beyond my expectations for $150.00 audio is crystal clear, subwoofer is powerful, in my medium sized room it is perfect.
  3. astrallite said:
    Not for me.

    lol, ur always like that
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