Inside of an AXPro Volume controller?

Ok so I just bought the AX51 Pro Headphones, what I thought was that the AX51's and the AXPro headphones where exactly the same, well it may seem I'm wrong.. My thinking was that I'll be able to use the AX51's for my Xbox 360 since I already owned the AX360 headphones and have the toslink converter box. What I need to know or if someone can get this is a picture of the inside of the volume controller for an AXPro to compare, because these have a xbox connector but it seems it only takes the sound from the XBL voice and transmits it but doesn't take your own voice from the mic and send it back over. So you can hear others but they can't hear you..

Looking at the AXPro's manual it just shows that you need to connect the wire from the volume box to the controller for xbox360 (and a USB connector from the toslink to the PS3 for PS3) I looked inside my volume box and it looks like there should be a voice connection.. However this is a V2 volume controller, it uses 3.5mm instead of a 2.5mm.. So if someone can get a picture of the inside of an AXPro so I can compare, both back and front sides if you can would be very greatfull!
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  1. Is there any way of getting a layout of that pcb?
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