Plasma TV deliver CRT like ..PC monitor images?

Would a plasma TV be closer to the quality of a good CRT monitor?

I'd like to use one for a PC game monitor but not sure. There's enough technology to analyze with monitors to keep me busy for at least a month.

The LCD monitors are okay but with all the hoopla about the 60Hz vs 120Hz and ghosting and motion blur I'd just prefer to skip LCD's. I read somewhere that 240Hz doesn't come close to what a good CRT can do at something like 1800Hz. That is not good.

So I'm looking at a Plasma before I buy a CRT again. Can they serve better than an LCD for a PC game monitor?
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  1. First, CRTs don't display 1800Hz. Not even close.

    Second, I would not recommend plasma for a computer use. They've improved, but they still have some problems with burn in.

    I would say that an LCD is fine, honestly. Have you tried any decent modern LCD displays?
  2. If refresh rate is your only concern then get a 120hz monitor. CRTs never displayed past that refresh rate anyway.

    If you want color quality go for a S-IPS LCD. They offer amazing color good as or even better than CRTs. Expensive though.
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