Could anyone tell me if 1080p hdtv's perform good enough as pc monitors for photoshop work? I find the price to screen size very appealing and am considering purchasing a sony bravia xbr 32" hdtv for dual use as television and pc monitor. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank"s.
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  1. I really doubt it if you are looking to do professional work.

    Probably be good enough for the average person.
  2. A friend of mine recently bought a Sony Bravia 55" HD tv and is using his for a pc monitor, also. Resolution is at 1920X1080P (TV limit, but not GPU) and we are both extremely pleased with the quality results. No kidding, I was a little skeptical at first, but we are blown away with how great it looks! Text and photos look great! He is a photographer who also does Photoshop work on it! If you do a lot of reading on forums, then this is a great way to go.

    Now, once you go this route, you can NEVER go back to a scrawny, regular pc monitor.

    Now, I'm gonna have to get me one! :o

    Good luck!
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