Find me something better? 32" LED-LCD 1080p TV 60Hz

Hey guys, I've found these 2 32" LED-LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTVs by Samsung and LG, can anyone seriously find me anything that looks as sexy and is cheap like this? Im pretty sure Ive found the best possible

$549.54 Samsung 32" LED-LCD 1080p HDTV 60Hz UN32C5000 -
$445.00 LG - 32LE5300 - 32" LED-backlit LCD TV - 1080p (FullHD) -
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  1. I been looking for myself and the LG is pretty much the best I found after about 4-5 hours of searching.

    Only problem is I think it is discontinued and finding it online seems to be pretty hard. I also believe the refresh rate is 120hz on the LG.

    Ill keep looking...but since you want 60hz you have some more options than me anyway
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