My PC keeps crashing, good in Safe Mode

The title says it all. My PC keeps crashing in random intervals. The first is, it won't even boot, second it will freeze at splash screen, third is the most annoying which is works for five minutes then freezes. An there's a fourth which is rare, bring up a game and then freezes. Help?
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  1. Oh, and also it freezes on BIOS splash screen.
  2. Couple of suggestions:

    1. Use another computer to find a BIOS update and run that if you can even get into the BIOS settings at all.
    2. If that does not work take out your CMOS battery (should be circular and in your Mobo) and put it back in.
    3. Run memtest to see if you are having problems there
    4. Take out all RAM and turn the computer on, if the Mobo does not beep then its bad (make sure you have the little mobo speaker in though)

    My suggestions are based on the fact that you mentioned the computer also freezes at the BIOS splash screen. This is before Windows has loaded so it points to a hardware issue or BIOS issue.

    Hope this all works out for you
  3. Thanks for the help, unfortunately I've done all that. I'm not sure what else to do. I think the mobo is bad, but it's an ASUS (one of the best on the market) and it's the second one in less than a year. Could it be anything else?
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