Any case fans to run off normal outlets?

I dont want to drain to much off of my PSU when i make my custom case with many case fans...

I figure why cant there be case fans that run off wall outlets or something, why do they all have to run off the PSU. Seems stupid.

Anyone know of any case fans that can do what i want? Or is it a lost cause.
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  1. Because nobody likes the extra cords. Yes, I have a 120v AC 120mm fan here, you can get them in smaller sizes as well.

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  2. Where can I get these? Any stores or reliable online places? Thanks...
  3. Radio Shack has 110 volt fans.

    But why? The average 80mm fan draws very little current, it would take about 6 or 8 of them to equal the load of a single hard disk.

    Get the kind that run off molex drive connectors, some Y adaptores and hook them up all nice and neat...or better still, splice the wires putting them in parallel and routing the wires in unseen parts of your case and bring it all out to a single molex connector...

    Unless you are going to get really ridiculous --like with 30 or 40 fans-- you won't hurt your power supply.

    Plus... keep in mind, more fans are not always the answer. You can almost always get by with one or two fans in a well ventilated case.

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  4. Ok,

    Im just using 4 case fans, or planning to. 80mm average rpm fans, so I guess Im ok then. Thanks!
  5. :smile: You made it sound like you were going to be using 50 fans or something :smile: .

    Your power supply won't be threatened by 4 standard 80mm case fans. Hell... it likely won't even notice.

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  6. BUGGER! And I was hoping to use a good old 20 inch box fan to cool my case, and run off the power supply! You think I can run THAT off my power supply? ROFLMAO! J/K!!

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  7. Im really wondering WHY?
    The worst most powerful casefans only draw 12-15W tops... and if you are that close to your powersupplies load limit then you really need a better PSU as it would probaby burn out soon anyway!

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