What will standard directv look like on a 1080p hdtv

I have Directv standard service, NOT HD service. I am not going to upgrade my monthly service to HD.

I'm currently using an old Sony Trinitron TV. What wil the Directv standard, (non-HD), service look like if I get a new tv, a 1080p LG LCD/LED tv.

Please don't suggest or tell me to upgrade to HD service. I know the benefits of that but am not interested.

I have a chance to get a new, larger tv and I simply want to know if anyone can tell me if I'll still see an improved picture using standard Directv, (non-HD), or if it will actually appear worse because it's not using the full capabilities of the new tv. If that's the case, I'll keep my old tv and give the new one to a friend who watches a lot of sports.


Gerry Egan
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  1. it all depends on the resolution of your source.

    directv is probably 480p (720x480) which you can probably upscale just like you can with dvds. it wont be as good as 720p/1080i/1080p but should look decent enough (and certainly not worse)
  2. Thanks for your help! I've got neighbors telling me it'll look terrible and others saying it's a no-brainer and I just didn't know what to believe. We watch very, very little tv but I definitely don't want a new tv to be any worse than my 20 year old Sony triniton which is a very nice picture, still.
  3. the sony trinitron is a very good piece of hardware for its time. the reason why people say the image will look crappy is because of the decent difference in resolution. but at 480p you should be fine. i run dvd content through my 40" 1080p sony almost every night and while it certainly is subpar to hd content i have no complaints. especially when bluerays of the same content are $10 more. i can see why you wouldnt want HD_DTV!

    in my opinion image quality doesnt start to get almost too horrible to watch until you drop under dvd-quality resolution. in any case what do you have to lose? if you dont like the tv you can give it to your friend after you tried it out.
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